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Individual Health Insurance/Short Term Insurance
Permanent or temporary health insurance policies for you and/or your family. Short-term policies may be medically underwritten, are not guarantee issue, and may have exclusions for pre-existing conditions. They are designed to fill gaps in your primary health coverage.

Individual Dental and Vision Plans
Dental Insurance for individuals or families. Preventive services with no waiting periods. Reasonable rates. VSP Vision Insurance to cover the cost of eye exams and glasses or contacts.

Medicare Plans
n addition to original Medicare, there are a number of options to help lower your out of pocket costs. People on Medicare are required to have continuing prescription coverage or pay a penalty for each month they were not covered. Medicare supplements can cover all or part of the expenses not covered by original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are private contracts between the government and insurance companies and pay instead of Medicare. They are required to pay at least as good as Medicare and usually offer additional benefits not covered by Medicare. In addition to copays for some services, they have a network of doctors associated with the plan and generally include prescription coverage. In HMO plans, you must see a doctor in network to have coverage and get a referral before you can see a specialist. In PPO plans, you may use in or out of network providers but usually will pay a higher copay for out of network services.

Travel Insurance
Your major medical plan may not cover you if you are traveling outside the United States and serious medical events can cause additional difficulties. Travel insurance is the economical solution to be fully covered while traveling to another country from the United States or to the US from another country.

Supplemental Products
Protect yourself from disastrous financial situations in case of serious accident or illness. Supplemental plans offer cash benefits to you to help with out of pocket medical expenses and well as nonmedical expenses and lost wages while you are sick or injured.

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