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Medicare Plans
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Medicare Prescription Plans
Medicare Prescription Plans are available to anyone who has Medicare Parts A & B or a Medicare Advantage Plan. There is an annual open enrollment from November 15 to December 31 for a January 1 effective date. People already on Medicare who have not signed up may be subject to a 1% per month penalty. In 2007, 53 different prescription plans were offered to Indiana residents. We offer a number of different plans and can help you find the best fit for your own needs. If your prescriptions change during the year, you can select a more suitable plan during the open enrollment.

Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Advantage Plans (formerly Medicare + Choice) are available to anyone who has Medicare Parts A & B and who does not have end-stage renal disease. They are available in several formats (PPO and private-fee-for-service being the most common) and many of the plans have no additional premium beyond the Medicare deduction from your Social Security check. The plans are not age-rated and are not medically underwritten so everyone is eligible at the same rate regardless of medical conditions. Most plans have co-pays for services and some offer additional services not included with Medicare. As with the prescription plans, there is an annual open enrollment from November 15 – December 31 each year. There also are special enrollment periods. To encourage people to move to Advantage plans from Medicare supplements, the federal government has enacted a special 2-year open enrollment through 2008. We offer a number of the PFFS Advantage plans offered in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan.

Medicare Supplement Plans
Medicare Supplement Plans are the 10 standardized plans established by the government to assist with out of pocket costs not covered by Medicare. A large number of carriers offer some of the plans that have varying degrees of coverage and premiums. We have several companies with a range of plans for those who are not comfortable with the Advantage plans.

Advantage Plus Indemnity Plan
Advantage Plus Indemnity Plan can be used to cover the out of pocket exposure on the Advantage Plans. The daily hospital indemnity coverage can offset the potential expense of a hospital stay. The monthly fees are low and when added to a $0 premium plan can provide comprehensive coverage for a minimal premium. Offered by Guarantee Trust Life.

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